Infor Metal & Tooling Mfg. Corp.


-  Automated assembly
-  Computer aided design
-  Computer aided engineering
-  Computer aided machines
-  Compound dies
-  Deburring
-  Degreasing
-  Draw dies
-  Heat treatment
-  Modification - design support
-  Packaging
-  Plating
-  Precise metal stamping
-  Product design
-  Product development
-  Product engineering
-  Progressive dies
-  Prototyping
-  Quality assurance
-  Reel to reel production

Infor Metal has the ability to schedule any
production cycle you demand. Our current stamping runs are as small as 10,000 pieces and as massive as 500 million. Our modern equipment assures accuracy of size and uniformity.

We are committed to supplying you the best possible
product from design to delivery. Send us your print or
sample for a quick estimate. We welcome the opportunity to serve you!


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