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Stationery Fasteners
Portfolios & Report Covers

Infor Metal offers many standard portfolio fasteners, report cover fasteners and eyelets, available in brass, bronze, copper or steel. Our selection accommodates up to six-inch capacities for either top or side bound portfolios or covers. Eyelets can be plated to fulfill all special requests! Capacity specified indicates maximum thickness of materials that allow prongs to fold over documents and provide safekeeping.  Please review Prong Paper Fasteners for even more options.

Infor Metal also stocks a complete line of setting tools for precise insertion of these fasteners. All setting tools are made of properly hardened high quality tool steel to insure uniform settings and longevity.  We can also manufacture setting tools for
any machine from your sample or print.

Please contact Infor customer service for more information or samples.  We welcome the opportunity to serve you for all your portfolio and report cover fastener needs!

Tang style fasteners are machine inserted in cover stock and permanently installed by six tabs.
See Prong Paper Fasteners for details on bases and compressors.

Eyelets can even be plated to fulfill all special requests!

Eyelets are machine inserted and permanently installed by form tools.


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