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Stationery Fasteners
Prong Paper Fasteners

Infor Metal offers many standard prong paper fasteners available in brass, bronze, copper or steel. Our selection accommodates up to
six-inch capacities for all folder options, document storage and presentation formats. Capacity specified indicates maximum thickness of materials that allow prongs to fold over documents including compressor and provide safekeeping.

We offer diverse packaging solutions that include bases only, compressors only and sets (bases and compressors). These combinations are available in small quantity packaging to satisfy the consumer and bulk packaging for the paper converter.

Please contact Infor customer service for more information or samples.  We welcome the opportunity to serve you for all your prong paper fastener needs!

Bases - Flat style fasteners, embossed for strength, are hand inserted through precut slits or holes.

Compressors - Flat style fasteners, embossed for strength, have two metal slides that keep prongs straight and flat. Compressors are hand inserted over bases or other male fasteners with the same center to center spacing.


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